For the Benefit and Enjoyment, but not for a Price 

I am deeply unsettled and unhappy that the National Park Service is considering raising entry fees to $70 at some of America’s most famous and highly trafficked National Parks. 

Yes, that money could go towards funding the backlog of maintenance and infrastructure projects that the parks so desperately need. 

Yes, it would quell peak overcrowding and safeguard the parks from being ‘loved to death’. 

But isn’t it the duty congress to fund the parks and take care of them? 

And shouldn’t we take smarter and more inclusive measures to ensure that crowds don’t overwhelm the parks?

When it comes down to it, the parks are democratic spaces for ourselves and for our country. A seventy dollar fee should not stop anyone from partaking in the enjoyment of their public lands. Our National Parks are where we fall in love with the best parts of our country and the best parts of ourselves. Our National Parks reflect our highest ideals and our grandest scenery. Our National Parks are where we celebrate our story and the potential of our lands and its people. Everyone should be able to experience the enrichment that is a day amongst natural splendor and history. Seventy dollars shouldn’t stand in the way of that essential and transformative experience.    

The Department of the Interior is going to hold a period of 30 days for public comments on these proposed entry fees. I urge every one of you to comment on their website, call your representatives, and keep our best idea inclusive and available for all. Our parks are for the benefit and enjoyment of the people… not for a price. 

Comment on these price hikes here-

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