DISNEYLAND: A Source of Joy and Inspiration for 60 Years

CKHm-UsUYAAenb4.jpg-large   It all began today, 60 years ago.

On July 17th, 1955, the world of entertainment was deftly changed with the debut of Disneyland. The first popular theme park to feature thematic environments and that strived to meet guest expectations in service and quality, Disneyland quickly became a cultural standpoint, not only in America, but around the world.


Walt Disney’s cultural institution has endured, flourished, and changed the face of themed entertainment and exhibitions. It is incredible to think of how many lives Disneyland has changed and enriched. Disneyland is special place and today is a very special day.


I can’t wait to be back in what Walt called “this happy place” that serves as a “source of joy and inspiration for all the world” in just a few weeks.

Happy 60th Anniversary,  Disneyland!



5 thoughts on “DISNEYLAND: A Source of Joy and Inspiration for 60 Years

  1. Hey great column! Can you contact me? I have some questions for you and about your writing to see if you would be interested in something? Fan of your opinions!

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